7 Unsung Heroes that Changed Modern Production

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Means of production have changed so much ever since man first started to produce things in his cave all those thousands of years ago. While everyone always talks about the importance of separate moving parts and Ford production methods, there are a lot of little inventions that life would be a lot more difficult without. This is an appreciation for all the little guys out there.

1. Compact Swivel Skates

Compact swivel skates allow for companies to move medium or heavy loads in paths that aren’t straight lines or along paths that would be dangerous for employees. Who knows how many dangerous accidents were avoided because of the use of these flexible, durable skates underneath things.

2. Forklifts

Along that same line of thought, forklifts allow companies to produce mass quantities of small goods and stack them on pallets or stack shipping containers hundreds of feet high. Forklifts have allowed companies to start making more simply because now the technology exists for them to store their goods in warehouses. And warehouse workers everywhere cannot imagine life without hearing the life-saving beeps of a forklift, preventing them from overworking their backs.

3. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Though a relatively new invention, modern production now finds itself in the hands of intelligence made by man. The Internet of Things, commonly shortened to IoT, is the new network of objects that lets modern factories work almost completely without human intervention. These have undoubtedly changed how we think about industry and running factories especially in the years ahead.

4. Grease Gun

Though modern machines are nearly capable of running themselves, grease guns keep them going. When machinery becomes too slow, grease guns keep them working at their original speed. They earned their place on this list because they work where other men cannot, lubricating tiny parts that would have been unsafe to try to remove without mechanical help.

5. Winch

Winches have definitely saved thousands of vehicles every year from peril, but they also hold a mighty place in industry. Some methods of timber extraction rely on winch systems so that neither men, vehicles, nor expensive machines have to be put in danger. Many of the other items on this list are also here because they don’t just keep production up, but they keep production safe, too.

6. Welding Torches

It would be most unpleasant to think about a world without a welding torch. Without a welding torch, I would not be able to sit and type this very article at my own computer. In this new age of modern technology, we often forget about the basic things that got us here where we are today, and for that reason the welding torch makes its way to this list.

7. Hydraulic Machinery

Hydraulics allow for a lot of power to transfer through thin tubes. Many different actuators can make use of this high power density, which has changed the game in the way of production. Power from fluids can help keep production costs down, but still lead to high output, which lets industrialists everywhere breathe a sigh of relief everyday thanks to hydraulic machinery.

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